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    How to Create a Personalised Bottle Label

    Personalised wine sounds like a luxury article from an exclusive winery. In fact, all you need is a computer and a colour printer to create professional bottle labels and surprise someone with a creative gift in the form of personalised wine.

    I have already recommended personalising wine bottles while writing about creative party gifts. Back then I considered this idea so simple that it wasn’t worth a separate blog entry. However, only this year I have used it so many times that I decided to describe it in more details.

    Frankly speaking, I am not a great fan of giving alcohol as a gift – on the blog you will find numerous more creative presents. Yet it happens sometimes that someone asks you for a specific beverage; you don’t want to arrive at a house party empty-handed, or the bride and the groom would rather receive wine than flowers. There are also certain occasions that are traditionally celebrated with toasts: New Year’s Eve, wedding, anniversary, 18th birthday or graduation. It is on these occasions that personalised wine labels may come in handy and make your gift more creative.

    How to make personalised wine labels?

    1. Go to PhotoFunia, All Effects tab and choose Champagne effect (or click here to go there directly).
    2. Choose a photo that will be featured on your label. The program will let you select an area you want to use, so the photo doesn’t have to be a portrait picture.
    3. Personalise all texts that will appear on the label.
    4. Choose the colour of the label.
    5. Save your choices by clicking GO.
    6. Download your work by choosing the Download – Printable option.

    Easy, yet spectacular!

    Now you need to print the label and paste it on the bottle. I guarantee you that the recipient is going to be amazed!

    Once you have designed your own personalised bottle label, let me know on what occasion and for whom you’ve made it, in the comments below!

    My advice:

    – When you shop for the wine, make sure the original label is not too large – it should be entirely covered by the one you have printed. Instead of relying on your judgment, print the label first and take the printout with you to the store.

    – The bottle should be plain, without any embossments.

    – The top part of the label has been designed for champagne bottles, and doesn’t fit wine bottles well. You may decide not to use it. I once tried to paste it in the same place as on champagne, and another time wrapped it around the bottleneck, where it looked much better!

    – It would be easiest to use office glue to paste the label, but it doesn’t work. I always use a double-sided adhesive tape, which sticks perfectly. The only downside is that it is difficult to cut out fitting shapes when the label isn’t rectangular.

    – Attached, you may find an example of a personalised bottle label in a pdf format.

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