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  • For a Couple


    Ideas for creative and regular gifts for a wedding, an anniversary, a house-warming party or a different occassions from family and friends for a couple.

    Learn the details of each gift by clicking on its name.


    • a heart-shaped word cloudheart-shaped word cloud it is quite easy to design, and the result is really unique and beautiful + it is suitable for the first = paper anniversary for a couple.
    • magazine with photos of the couple – a real magazine with their photos replacing the original photos.
    • A treasure hunt – it may consist of tasks to be completed by the couple together and/or lead to the actual gift. The more people involved in the preparations and organisation, the better. And don’t forget to record it somehow (with pictures or a video)!
    • A song for a couple composed by you. When I say ‘composed’, I mean a rephrase of a well-known song to refer to them in particular. It would be best if you were brave enough to perform it in front of a bigger audience.
    • 1-red-couponsset of DIY coupons for things that can’t be bought (e.g. babysitting, house cleaning services, a charades evening, a meal invite…). You may download the design presented on the right from my post ‘Valentine’s Day Coupon‘.
    • photo slideshow  with photos of the couple with their favourite song (their first dance song?) in the background, summarising in a funny and moving way the years the couple has spent together.
    • cake-ciastoTheir names on a cake this is a must at a party organized for a couple, so don’t forget about it!
    • A video clip with you performing specially for a couple – this gift is really great fun to prepare, especially if you get more people involved.
    • Personalised tea bags with your good wishes or just names/nicknames of all the people who wish the couple all the best.
    • Photos from a journey – perhaps the couple would like to visit an exotic country, but they can’t afford it? Or they are dreaming of a highly original photo shoot? Choose some of their nice photos and paste them into different backgrounds. This way you may surprise the couple with an album full of photos taken even on the Moon!
    • A 1-jenga-tower-from-friendsJenga tower – signed by all the people who wish the couple all the best, with their wishes on the opposite side of the blocks. Other customisation options are possible, too [Read: Jenga Tower – Creative Gift Ideas for 5 Occassions and 3 Game Variations]
    • A photo comic – which recounts their years together, presents their future or tells an imaginary tale featuring the couple in a funny way.
    • A board game – created specially for a couple. Do they share an interesting hobby that you may refer to? Or maybe you have experienced together so much that you will have no problems inventing an entire adventure game scenario?
    • A make a crossword jak zrobić krzyżówkę 0customised crossword – with all words relating to the couple. If you don’t make t too easy, watching them trying to solve it together may be real fun!
    • A photo calendar – instead of starting in January, your photo calendar for a couple may begin with the month they got married and be created each year to celebrate the wedding anniversary! It is a perfect roundup of a couple’s year, which brings back new memories each month!
    • A theatre ticket – an evening out in a place that you don’t visit very often is a very romantic gift for a couple. Especially if you put some effort into customising the ticket, which I strongly recommend in the post: “How to Present a Theatre Ticket Attractively“.


    Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus‘ by John Gray

    It discusses numerous practical relationship issues. My favourite chapter, which every couple should familiarise themselves with, is about writing love letters instead of fighting during a quarrel. Other vital topics include how to reconcile differences between sexes, or how to receive points from your partner.

    The 5 Love Languages
    ‘ by Gary Chapman

    The book is a really worthwhile read at a very reasonable price. Me and my husband have once bought 10 copies and given one to each couple that invited us to their wedding. It encompasses not only the description of the 5 ways to express love, which I presented briefly in the post ‘5 Ways to Express Love with Gifts’, but also the theory of ‘love tanks’ and information on how to prevent them from drying.

    Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage’ 4 DVDs

    One of the gifts for a couple that we enjoyed most during our honeymoon. During a seminar for married couples, which resembles a stand-up comedy, Marc Gungor explains the differences between male and female brains, advises how to be awarded points  by your partner and how to live with a representative of a different planet (Fun, Control, Peace and Perfect) and not to kill each other. If Marc Gungor wasn’t a pastor, he would definitely be a comedian. His observations and funny examples enchant and amuse not only young Christian couples, but also single atheists and experienced husbands and wives. This makes the DVD set a perfect gift both for a wedding and for anniversaries. Watch the beginning of the seminar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntk1Tl7dscI


    If you think it’s a boring game for kids, that’s because you have played it only with blank blocks. Once you personalise it, it becomes a really entertaining challenge even for sober adults. [Read about personalisation and game options here: Jenga Tower – Creative Gift Ideas for 5 Occassions and 3 Game Variations]

    Forbidden Island

    A cooperative board game for 2-4 people, who have to join forces in order to win and escape the island before it is all flooded. What I enjoy most about this game is that you don’t play against but with the others. Due to a large number of variables each game is different, and it never gets boring (I can tell it from my own experience). The game is also worth recommending for a couple owing to its beautiful graphic design and a durable metal box.


    Anther cooperative game for a couple. Its name may not sound very romantic, but I assure you that saving the world from annihilation can bring people closer and ensure genuine excitement.


    In the basic version two teams compete to guess the codenames of their secret agents first. In the 2-player version for a couple the Spymaster joins forces with his 1-person Team to beat the game. It is really absorbing. Good memory and mastering one winning technique won’t help you here. Instead, you should count on your brains and wordsmith’s skills. What I enjoy about Codenames is not only guessing my husband’s associations during the game, but also discussing them after each round.