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  • Gifts for Grandparents


    Most of these gifts for grandma will be perfect for the Grandparents Day, your grandma’s or grandpa’s birthday, their wedding anniversary or Christmas. Your choice will depend on whether you prepare a gift for your 80-year-old grandma or help your children prepare a gift for their grandparents = your parents. Whatever the occasion, I am sure you will find here something that will make the patriarchs of your family feel special.


    If you want to find out more about a given present, click on its name to read the relevant post.

    Theatre ticket – how about a theatre night together? You may also invite your grandma or grandpa to a concert or to the cinema for a carefully chosen movie. Remember to attach something personal to the ticket. You will find some ideas in the post: How to present a theatre ticket attractively?

    DIY Merci – this gift for grandma will let your grandparents know what you are most grateful to them for in a very sweet way. Simply write your words of gratitude on chocolate bars!

    DIY tea labels – similarly to the DIY Merci, write your kind words on tea labels, and let your grandparents read them every time they brew themselves tea.

    List of kind words – alternatively, if you don’t have time or means to do the gifts for grandma presented above, or if your list of reasons for feeling grateful exceeds the number of chocolate bars or tea bags that you could personalise, write them down on a piece of paper and frame them. This gift for grandma will be definitely more lasting since it can be neither eaten nor drunk 😉

    Cake with your text – this gift for grandma may be bought in a confectionery or baked at home. Last year, I presented several ways to decorate a cake and published a recipe for a simple cheesecake, which you may decorate as you wish.

    Slide show – if you prefer to make your gifts on a computer rather than manually, you will definitely delight your grandparents with a slide show consisting of photos presenting them and their relatives, accompanied with your kind words. It will be even more appreciated if you present it in front of other family members and tell your grandparents how to show it to their friends.

    english-nameWord cloud – another computer-made gift for grandma, which will be framed even if you have no artistic talent. Express your love with phrases arranged in the shape of a heart!

    Photo book – it is a rather time-consuming gift for grandma, but I know from my own experience that it is also one of the most appreciated presents. If you got married last year, give your grandparents your wedding album.  If you gave birth to a child, present your grandparents with an album summarising its first year of life.

    Photo calendar – the new year has already begun, and most grandmas and grandpas probably have a calendar hanging on the wall. Nevertheless, they will surely find a place for another one if it contains the photos of their relatives, which they will be able to look at the whole year round.

    Printed photos – if you don’t have time or lack inspiration to make a photo book or a photo calendar, print photos from important moments of your life, and write an inscription at their back before you attach them to your greeting card. Read more about the relevance of this gift here: http://mypresents.eu/en/how-thank-for-a-money-gift/

    DIY lip balm – if you know your grandma’s taste (her favourite lipstick colour and cosmetic fragrance), present her with a DIY lip balm made specially for her, with a personalised label of your own design.

    make a crossword jak zrobić krzyżówkę 0Crossword – a personalised crossword will ensure great fun, bring back memories and be enjoyed by all relatives who have come to celebrate with your grandma. Even if your grandparents don’t frame it, they will definitely remember a family gathering with the surprise attraction you have prepared.

    Best after date – grandparents with a sense of humour may be presented with a gift made from best before dates. Arrange them to form the words: GRANDPA/GRANDMA BEST AFTER + date of their grandchild’s birth. If it is their birthday (especially a round one) or wedding anniversary that you celebrate, use that date.

    Poem – if you have already bought a gift for grandma in a store, you may always add a little creative something to it, e.g. a short poem.

    Short story – writing a short story requires a lot of time and energy, yet grandparents know to appreciate it. Moreover, this gift for grandma may be prepared by grandchildren of any age. Regardless of the final effect,  grandparents will be delighted.

    Dream photos – what if grandparents could be moved in time or space not only with words? I know a way to do it. In a graphic editor cut out their body contours from contemporary or old photos and paste them onto different backgrounds. These may include the landscapes from their youth, the lands they always wanted to visit or photos with their grandchildren who live far away.

    Voucher – how about offering the patriarchs of your family something intangible? This could be an invitation for afternoon tea in a café or a promise to clean their flat. You know best what will make your grandparents happy (if you don’t, read my post about five love languages). Don’t content yourself with announcing your gift: write it on a beautifully crafted voucher!

    knitting woolYour new skill – perhaps your grandma wanted to teach you how to knit, and your grandpa – how to nail down planks, but you were never interested in it as a child? I think it is worth overcoming your childhood reluctance. I’m not saying you should begin by knitting the entire sweater or assembling a garden shed. Yet once in a lifetime try making a scarf or a birdhouse as a gift to show your grandparents that their lessons were worth the effort.


    We are waiting for your recommendations!