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    DIY Tea Gift

    One of my high school friends is a real tea enthusiast. A day before her name day, I asked her to describe the most creative present she has ever received related to her hobby. Follow her instructions to make a personalised DIY tea gift.

    Anna writes:

    Creative presents are something I have always enjoyed, even though they are usually time-consuming. Many people struggle with choosing an appropriate gift, and they consider dedicating even more time to the process an additional burden. To me, creating something personal appears to be an easier option. When you give people your time and show that you have put some thoughts into your present, it will definitely be appreciated.

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    For the last 4 years, I have been exploring the arcana of tea brewing, as part of the project called Piewcy Teiny (Bards of Theine). When I visited MyPresents blog for the first time, it reminded me of a DIY tea gift I received almost a decade ago from my fellow fantasy club members. The gift is simple and inexpensive, yet truly delightful.

    DIY tea gift

    My fellow club members presented me with a box. Curiously, I looked inside. It contained numerous tea bags. Each of them was different. But! They were not ordinary teas. Each of them was labelled with a handwritten name or pseudonym of a group member!

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    How to prepare a DIY tea gift?

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    Tools and ingredients:

    • Various tea bags with strings
    • Sheets of paper
    • Scissors
    • Stapler, double side adhesive or glue
    • Printer or a pen

    If you worry that your handwriting may be illegible, or you want to write more on the label, prepare a table in a Word document with squares whose sides are 2-4 cm. Write the text of your personalised tea labels there, print the table and cut it along the lines.

    If you prefer your DIY tea gift to be handwritten, cut your sheet of paper into squares whose sides are 2-4 cm (or rectangles that will have such dimensions when folded) and write your text on them. You may also try different shapes, e.g. hearts for your loved ones.

    Next, attach your piece of paper to the tea bag string. You may do it in various ways. Use an adhesive or a stapler to attach your note to the original label, or remove the original label and attach your note directly to the string. You may also glue two pieces of paper with the string between them.

     What can you write on your labels?DIY tea gift herbaciany prezent tea bag

    • Best wishes
    • Memories related to the giftee
    • Names of the people who chipped in for the DIY tea gift
    • Quotes, aphorisms

    Such labels will help the giftee relax during a break in work or studies, focus on a nice memory and make him or her smile long after they have received your DIY tea gift.

    Can you think of other ideas for creative tea gifts? Or perhaps you know some quotes worth placing on labels? Share them in the comments below!

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