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    Wedding Gift For Many Occasions

    One of my cousins is a born interior designer: she is creative, has an artistic flair and unparalleled manual skills. All of these talents enabled her to prepare a wedding gift for her friends. Since she assembled it during a family feast, I was able to examine it thoroughly.

    I have to admit that it made a huge impression on me from the first sight: a golden box decorated with silk roses and a burnt piece of paper with the names of the newly-weds and the giver…  I was enchanted.

    wedding gift

    But the best was hidden inside the box: several little packages, each wrapped in cellophane, tied with a pink ribbon and labelled.

    In my opinion, it were these labels that made this wedding gift special. Each of them stated what each parcel was meant for.

    Thus, the newly-weds received in their wedding gift:

    – FOR CHILLY EVENINGS – 4 rolled warm socks

    – FOR GOOD HEALTH – a bottle of spirit with the label prepared by my cousin

    – FOR THE WEDDING NIGHT – condoms with decorative pins (to ensure the night would be productive)

    – FOR PLEASURE (with a note: MAY THEY MULTIPLY) – rolled up banknotes

    – FOR REMINISCENCES (with a note: WHEN YOU MISS ME) – a pile of large-size photos to evoke good memories of the time spent together

    This creative, funny and beautiful wedding gift inspired me to think of other possible gift parcels and their uses.

    Have a look at my ideas below:

    – TO BE USED IN 9 MONTHS – diapers


    – FOR ENJOYING MORNINGS TOGETHER – coffee or tea (with personalised labels)

    – FOR MARITAL HARMONY – a harmonica

    – FOR EXTENDING IN RECONCILIATION – a back-scratcher in the form of a hand or an oven glove

    – FOR LOOKING AT THE SPOUSE – pink glasses

    – FOR TURNING A BLIND EYE – a pirate’s eye patch

    – FOR WASHING HANDS OF OWN MISDEEDS – decorative soap

    – FOR SPREADING – paper wings, which may be adorned with “dreams”, “plans”, “ambitions” or the names of the newly-weds

    – FOR LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE – binoculars, a telescope, a crystal ball or a kaleidoscope

    I am positive that I will use some of these ideas at a coming wedding. In the meantime, I am waiting for your ideas! I’ll let you know if I use any of them!

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