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    Submit your idea and get it published

    Contest duration:feather
    One calendar month; the contest is renewed

    How is the winner determined:
    The best creative gift idea submitted in a given month wins

    Publication of the gift idea on www.mypresent.eu

    Read more: http://mypresents.eu/en/get-your-idea-published/

    Prepare a gift and win
    a heart-shaped word cloud

    Contest duration:a heart-shaped word cloud
    Until the first three people meet the contest requirements

    How is the winner determined:
    The first three people win

    A heart-shaped word cloud designed according to the winner’s instructions

    Read more: http://mypresents.eu/en/win-a-heart-shaped-word-cloud/

    Like, share and win a book – archival

    Contest duration: Until 30 September 2016books signed

    How is the winner determined: By means of a draw

    Prize: A book chosen by the winner

    Read more: http://mypresents.eu/en/win-a-book/