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  • About the Blog

    IF YOU:packages-570794_1920

    • can’t or don’t want to spend a fortune on unforgettable presents,
    • wish others remembered your presents long after they received them,
    • long to make others feel special,
    • and you can and want to spare time for others, not necessarily have manual skills, but you are willing to learn and try out new things,
    • would like to enjoy giving presents at least as much as receiving them,



    The aim of this blog is to inspire you to prepare and give creative presents. I would like to show you how much fun it can involve and how much joy they may bring. In other words, my intention is to increase the overall amount of fun and joy in the world – through presents 😉 I count on your help with this endeavour!

    You will find here descriptions of creative gifts that I have prepared, given and received. After each entry, I provide you with technical details and pieces of advice based on my experience, which should help you to carry out each project. Don’t hesitate to ask me questions – either in comments or per e-mail – in case of any doubts or if you need further information. I will be overjoyed if you let me know that you have tried out one of my suggestions and present the effects of your work. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! I also hope that you will inspire me to try something new, too, and that I will never run out of topics!

    Feel free to contact me at: joanna@mypresents.eu