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  • I’ll write your story

         You would like to write a short story as a gift for someone, but you don’t know how to tackle this task?

           You have written a short story, but you feel something is not right, and it ought to be rewritten?

         Or maybe you have a great idea for a story, but you are not good at writing, and you would rather someone else carried out this task?

    I’ve got a solution!

    Depending on what you need, you may choose between four modes of cooperation to create a unique, personal story written specifically for your loved one. Find out more by clicking on the chosen mode.

    Mode 1: You write; I advise
    I'll help you write your story
    Mode 2: You write; I perfect
    I'll perfect your story
    Mode 3: You inspire; I write
    I'll write your story
    Mode 4: You inspire; I write and design a cover
    I'll write your story

    I can’t wait to read about your ideas
    and collaborate with you on our short story!!!

    Have you got any questions? Contact me at: joanna@mypresents.eu or find an answer below.

    Frequently asked questions:

    What type of stories do you write?

    I have written dozens of stories in my life, both in Polish and in English. Many of them are stories I wrote for someone as a gift. Currently, I am working towards publishing two collections of short stories, which should be available on Amazon this year.

    In my opinion, the best types of stories for gifts comprise fairy tales (not only for children!) and stories with elements of magical realism. These are some of my favourite styles of fiction. I can also write a short story stylised as a letter or memoirs. Do not hesitate to suggest something different, though – I enjoy challenges!

    Can I read a short story you have written to see how you write?

    Sure! During the Covid-19 epidemic, I have been writing funny short stories about the coronavirus in the land of fairy tales. Until the end of lock-down, they will be available for free here. You may also read about some short stories I have written for my loved ones in this post.

    How long does it take you to write a short story?

    Usually, I am able to write a short story at a request in a week or two. If I feel truly inspired and have more free time, I may do it faster. If I have other duties, it may take me longer. That is why you shouldn’t postpone contacting me, but do it at least a month before the gifting occasion!

    What do you need to write a short story?

    Inspiration, above anything else. If you manage to interest me with something, I will easily build a plot around it. This might be either a full biography of the recipient, the story of your relationship, or specific details. After all, it is details that add the most flavour and will make your story personal and authentic.

    What does the process of writing a story together look like?

    It all depends on the chosen mode of cooperation (see above). In the most elaborate one, in which I write a complete short story for you, we will firstly pin down your expectations, after which I will decide if I am able to carry out the set task. Usually, at this stage I will already have an idea for your story – without an idea, I won’t undertake a commission. Then, I will outline my idea, though without plot details. If you approve it, I will get down to work. While writing, I will ask you additional questions, and my pace of work will largely depend on how quickly you answer them. Once the story is ready, I will put it aside for a day or two in order to check it properly and will send it in a pdf file. After I receive your payment, I will send you the story in Word and apply any changes you request or proofread the changes you may introduce. Finally, if you choose this option, I will design a cover and send back a formatted story in a pdf file and will ask you for a testimonial. 🙂

    Will you take any commission?

    I like challenges; therefore, I will definitely consider any request. It may, however, happen that I will reject a commission if the deadline is too short, and I will simply have too little time to write, or if I receive too little information to carry out the task conscientiously (a short story for a gift should be personal; hence, it should contain numerous detail that I will ask you to provide in the course of writing). I will also refuse to write a story for school or for a competition. My aim is not to make money on ghostwriting, but to help with making remarkable, personal gifts and having fun in the process.