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    Unexpected Visit – the Best Surprise Gift Ever

    How can you surprise someone on their special day? Send them unusual wishes, give them an extraordinary gift or… pay them an unexpected visit. You are guaranteed to bring a wide smile to their face!

    Imagine that you enter your flat, wash your hands in the bathroom, grab something from the kitchen and say hello to your flatmate or spouse. Next, you enter your room just to see… your best friend! He or she is sitting on your bed, as though it wasn’t anything extraordinary, yet you know that they have come especially for you from a different city!

    When my Husband saw something like this, he was lost for words. And his flatmates, who had helped to organise the surprise, couldn’t stop laughing at the sight of his face.

    I was one of them, and I really enjoyed preparing this gift. Especially after I learned that my Husband – then boyfriend – had prepared a similar surprise for his best friend a year earlier, with more friends from high school.

    How to organise an unexpected visit

    It is easiest to organise an unexpected visit when you know the flatmates of the birthday boy/girl well. They should help you to choose the best day and time of the visit, let you in and keep a secret. In such a case the surprise is total.

    You can also surprise people living on their own or whole families with an unexpected visit, without letting anyone know, but only if you know their habits. Otherwise, you risk finding their house empty.

    Unexpected visit of a son on the Mother's Day

    Unexpected visit on the Mother’s Day

    Several years ago, my Husband surprised his mother in a similar way. In the morning on the Mother’s Day, he gave his mother his best wishes on the phone while already sitting in a train. Yet he didn’t tell her about his plans, so her surprise at seeing him at her doorstep on the very same day in the afternoon must have been great. To a mother whose child studies at the other side of the country such an unexpected visit is the best gift she could ever receive.

    If you are able to do it, consider it this year!

    My advice:

    – If you want to pay an unexpected visit on the Mother’s Day, consult the idea with your dad or other close relative first. You would rather your mother didn’t have a scheduled appointment if you can only come for one night.

    – In summer, you can organise an unexpected ‘visit’ also outdoors. Invite friends who live far away for a surprise party similar to the one my best friends organised for my 18th birthday.

    – If you are looking for a creative Mother’s Day gift that you can present to her, check out these ideas: for mum or dad.

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