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    DIY Lip Balm – Not Only For Women

    DIY lip balm – a perfect gift for cold winter days – may be a creative present not only for women, but also for men. Together with Basia, who gave me this idea, I will tell you how to make it to delight each and every person you care for.

    As you know, each month I collect your ideas for creative gifts. In December I chose to present a gift submitted by Basia. Inspired by my posts, she wrote about her creative gift idea on her blog SmartNest.pl.

    The DIY lip balm attracted my attention not least because I rarely give cosmetics as gifts. Therefore, if it hadn’t been for Basia, you would probably not be able to read about it here.


    How to prepare a DIY lip balm?

    DIY lip balm – ingredients:

    coconut oil (3 tablespoons)

    beeswax (2 tablespoons)

    aromatic oil (2-3 drops)

    Heat the ingredients together until they all mix and melt.

    When the balm has cooled down, it is ready for personalisation!


    How to decorate a DIY lip balm?

    Naturally, you may produce a number of jars and decorate each of them with heart- or star-shaped stickers, and then hand them out to your co-workers or add them to your other Christmas gifts. Nevertheless, if I were to make a DIY lip balm on my own, I would definitely want to emphasise it in my gift e.g. by means of a personalised label.


    One design to suit all would relate somehow to me as the author of the DIY lip balm.

    DIY lip balm label saying orange and vanilla lip balm made by Joanna MyPresents.eu

    It would be even better, though, to create individual designs for each recipient. I can only imagine that using a DIY lip balm in such a personalised container brings even more pleasure. Moreover, there is a greater chance that someone will ask about this balm, and the recipient will be able to boast about receiving such a personalised creative gift.

    DIY lip balm label saying lip balm for the best friend ever, marked good DIY lip balm label saying this lip balm belongs to Anna, future miss USA, marked better

    How about a DIY lip balm for a man?

    Asked whether they would like to receive a DIY lip balm, most men would probably answer ‘No!’ or ‘What for?’ Yet if we asked them: ‘Would you like to indulge your loved one with tender kisses also in winter?’ they would most definitely answer differently. Our partners are willing to do a lot to please us, but it is our task to make it easier for them. Let’s not expect a man to take out a pink lipstick-shaped balm at a bust stop in the city centre and cover his lips with glitter.


    Great Guy Grease vel Macho Mix vel Superman’s Substance

     i.e. how to encourage your man to protect his lips


    Firstly, it may be encouraging enough that you have prepared the lip balm yourself specially for him.

    DIY lip balm label for men saying Great Guy Grease

    Secondly, you may add a short rhyme (e.g. paste it on the jar). Women might be attracted by a verse saying:

    ‘When the cold is bitter

    Outshine it with glitter.’

    Men, however, don’t dream of outshining others, at least not with glitter. A different kind of appeal may work though. How about:

    ‘If you keep your lips tender

    I will always surrender.’

    This definitely answers male desires.

    DIY lip balm label for men saying Superman's Substance

    Thirdly, the label of your DIY lip balm needs to be manly. No hearts, flowers or ribbons. No pink, violet or azure colours. Your design should be dominated by black, white, shades of grey or strong, manly red. He should be positive that using a DIY lip balm won’t make him a softy.

    DIY lip balm label for men saying Macho Mix

    Lastly, it is best not to use the word balm at all. If a man dares to use a DIY lip balm in a public place, he will much rather let others think it is some medicine prescribed by a doctor and not a voluntarily applied cosmetic.


    If you follow these rules, I am sure that your man will reward your efforts with tender kisses the entire winter!


    Do you have other tested methods for encouraging your partners to use cosmetics other than soap or shaving cream? Or perhaps you produce cosmetics on your own and would like to share your recipes? Let me know in the comments below!



    My advice:

    – The consistency of the DIY lip balm may be regulated by adding more coconut oil (to soften the lip balm) or beeswax (to harden the lip balm).

    – The DIY lip balm may cool down in a fridge, but it cools rather quickly in room temperature, too.

    – In order to obtain a different colour than white, you may add a small portion of a lipstick.

    – If you don’t have empty containers (from old or used up lip balms), you may buy some at the chemist’s.

    – Naturally, if you don’t have time or are not in the mood to prepare your own DIY lip balm, you may give your man or other loved ones a lip balm from a store, and decorate its container with a label of your own making. If you want to make just one present, it is probably a much simpler solution. Yet if you are dreaming of a whole line of your own cosmetics, purchasing ingredients and making the lip balm on your own should be much cheaper.

    – Make sure your man knows that he may use his DIY lip balm to moisture not only his lips but also calluses and other dry parts of his body.


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