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    6 Steps to Photo Wishes for Grandma

    How to surprise Grandma or Grandpa who expect a traditional greeting card on their special day? Send them photo wishes in the form of a photo comic! If you can’t talk to them on the Grandparents Day, their wedding anniversary or birthday, your wishes printed on photos will be the closest to a face-to-face meeting.

    This year our Grandparents will be presented with photo books. I have discussed the advantages of photo books several months ago when I compared them to traditional albums. If anything important has happened in your life this year: you got married or gave birth to a child, a keepsake in the form of a photo book will definitely please your Grandparents.

    You will find other ideas for creative and regular gifts recommended by me and my readers in the tab RECOMMENDEDGifts for Grandparents.

    Today, in turn, I am going to present an alternative to a traditional greeting card.

    Photo wishes for Grandparents

    I usually enjoy going to a store and browsing through greeting cards, searching for a perfect one that will match the taste of the recipient. Last year, however, I was stuck at home and unable to do it. Besides, I wanted to send my Grandparents something more personal. That’s how I came up with the idea of photo wishes.

    photo wishes for Granny on a photo card

    Photo greeting card for Grandparents

    The simplest option to send Grandparents personalised wishes is to design a photo card with own picture and texts. Most photo labs have greeting cards in their offer. You may also design a card in a graphic editor and print it yourself. Yet if you want it to look good, you will need a decent printer and use thick, quality paper. Last year I didn’t have such facilities. I also found it difficult to pick a single photo, so I decided to make a collage and send it in an envelope as a letter.

    My first photo wishes for Grandparents

    My first photo collage was made in MS Word. To begin with, I chose photos that could illustrate my wishes; next I pasted them in a Word document and added texts using the Word Art tool. The biggest asset of my wishes were the photos of my Grandparents’ baby granddaughter. Back then I didn’t realise that I could use a dedicated program to achieve the desired effect.

    Wishes saying 'Many sunny days' in a picture of a pram in a park

    Professional photo wishes for Grandparents

    This year I am planning to repeat my wishes with updated photos and an online photo comic designer. I have already presented one of them – Comic Life – in the post dedicated to creating a photo comic. As compared to other programs, it is very flexible and intuitive. If you have never used it before, and you are only planning a single project; you want to make a several-page-long photo comic, or you can afford buying a licence, I highly recommend it. Today, however, I am going to present an alternative program that I am going to use this year: FotoJet.


    How to make photo wishes for Grandparents using FotoJet

    FotoJet is a simple online graphic editor that will allow you to design a greeting card or a one-page-long photo comic. This is how to do it in 6 easy steps:

    1. In the COLLAGE tab, click Misc -> Comic.
    2. Choose a template [Note! All items marked with a crown are paid!]
    3. Use the ADD PHOTO button on the right-hand side to upload photos from your computer or Facebook.
    4. Drag and drop photos that appeared on the right-hand side in the desired fields on the template.
    5. In order to add balloons with words, click the CLIPART tab on the left-hand side (the flower icon) and choose either SHAPE -> SOLID SHAPE (simple, editable balloons) or EMBELLISHMENT (prettier balloons, yet not editable).
    6. Use the ADD TEXT button in the TEXT tab to write your wishes in the balloons.

    That’s it! Have a look at an example of photo wishes for Grandparents made with FotoJet:

    photo comic with photo wishes for granny made in FotoJet

    What can you wish Grandparents with photos?

    You may come up with your wishes in at least two ways. While looking at photos, think of what wishes Grandparents could receive from their grandchildren (let the people in the pictures inspire you with their face expressions, the background, etc.) or write your wishes first, and look for photos that could illustrate them.

    Last year we wished our Grandparents:

    – many sunny days (with a picture of a morning walk in a park),

    – good reads (with a picture of their infant grandchild staring at a picture book held with arms and legs),

    – exploring new lands (with a picture of their grandchild sticking out from under a table),

    – joy of simple things (with a picture of their laughing grandchild held by her daddy just under the ceiling),

    – intimacy with their nearest and dearest (with a picture of their grandchild in a baby sling),

    – well-deserved rest (with a picture of their grandchild sleeping on her daddy’s tummy),

    – pleasant dreams (with a picture of their grandchild smiling in her sleep).

    Photo wishes for granny: May you always be as joyful as my Teddy and my Doll!

    What else can you wish your grandparents? Please, share your ideas in the comments below!

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    My advice:

    – You may create a photo comic with your own photos from last year or take new pictures specially for this purpose. These pictures may feature you, your children or their toys, especially if your children are big enough to set the scenes of the photo comic themselves.

    – With the free version of FotoJet, you can’t save your design, so you have to finish your project in a single session. A project saved on your computer cannot be further edited.

    – If you have already picked and bought a pretty greeting card, add some printed photos. I have already explained why it is such a good idea here.

    – Don’t forget to check out the RECOMMENDEDGifts for Grandparents tab. You may find there a little creative something to add to your gift!

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