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    Creative Letter for Aina – Reader’s Creative Gift Idea

    This time an idea for a creative gift was submitted by an Indian girl, who created something beautiful for her friend, Aina: a creative letter which encompassed their joint memories. I just can’t wait to try her idea on my own!

    Creative letter for Aina:

    ‘It was my friend’s birthday, and something special was to be done in little time. I was away from home and didn’t have any DIY tools with me, so I decided to do something simple. I cut out the first letter of her name: A from cardboard, and painted the initial in a bright pink colour. The initial was to be the frame and the background for our pictures. I decided to use black-and-white pictures because we are colourful enough in reality 😉 It also made a nice contrast. When I pasted the pictures, I left the contour of the initial visible. It was all rather easy work.

    When Aina saw it, she was so enthralled that she seemed to forget there were other people around her. I just saw a big smile on her face, which was all that I needed to know that my creative letter was a perfect gift.’


    Are you as inspired by this gift as I am? Apart from recreating it step by step, I can imagine it evolving in two directions:

    A creative letter made of specific, receiver-oriented materials

    Instead of pasting photos, you may create someone’s initial from wood, paper clips, flowers or numerous other materials. Your choice could depend on the receiver’s preferences, job or interests. This would be close to what I suggested the previous month as the ‘Gift for Papa’. If you need more inspiration, have a look at some incredible creative letters here: http://www.cuded.com/2015/05/35-creative-diy-letters-in-life/ .


    Creative letters filled with words and/or photos

    While a stand-alone letter looks wonderful, it may be more difficult to make than just a shape of a letter or letters printed on a poster. If you are more into computer designing than DIY, this may be the thing for you. Think of something short (one letter, first and second name’s initials or the number representing a round birthday) and fill it with photos and/or words that illustrate your relationship with a given person, their good memories, hobbies or interests. Alternatively, you may put them all in the background, and leave the chosen shapes blank (white or in the recipient’s favourite colour).


    Let me know if you have ever received or tried something like this yourself and would like to share your experience and good advice with others!


    My advice:

    • I will definitely write something useful here once I try this creative gift idea, but I won’t tell you just now when and for whom it is going to be. Meanwhile, you may have a look at another gift I have tried for the first time in my life inspired by Anna’s tea-related post. I customised tea bags, and gave them to my friends on their wedding anniversary. If you want to see the effect, you will find a relevant link in my comment to the ‘DIY Tea Gift’.




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