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    Gift for Papa – Reader’s Creative Gift Idea

    This month’s reader’s idea was chosen due to its thoughtfulness. Teenage Akanksha prepared a gift for papa that really showed him her love and appreciation. Find out how she achieved it, and spare some moments to think if you could do a similar thing yourself.

    Akanksha  wrote:

    It was my father’s birthday. I was 15 then, and it was my first creative gift ever. Before I began, I collected some stones and a rectangular 20×7 cm wooden board. Then I painted the board black and the stones glittery gold. After they dried, I wrote ‘HAPPY B’DAY PAPA’ with chalk on the board and pasted the pebbles over the letters. My father was so happy to see it that he almost broke my ribs when he hugged me. Even though it was many years ago, my gift for papa is still displayed in our home, where everyone can see it.

    That’s what my gift for papa looks like:



    When I read Akanksha’s gift description, I thought there must be more to it than she revealed in her first mail. Following my instincts, I asked her some questions, and this is what I found out:

    Akanksha’s father is a stone mason! That’s why she decided to make her gift with pebbles (his very own pebbles!) and not with shells, screws or any other materials. That is also what made her father so touched. I suppose any gift for papa from a loving daughter that she spent time on preparing herself would soften most fathers’ hearts, but this creative gift was special indeed.


    Why was this gift for papa so special?

    Some parents are lucky to have jobs that make them instant heroes in their children’s eyes: police officers, fire fighters, doctors or astronauts. Most adults, however, have more mundane occupations that rarely inspire plays or dresses for costume balls. I believe all those programmers, sales managers, freelance translators or office workers are well used to the thought that their children will probably never honour them by boasting about their jobs in the playground. If this is the case, imagine how great it must feel when your child actually shows you he or she really appreciates what you’re doing for them by giving you this kind of a gift!


    Are you ready to prepare your gift for papa?

    Think of what symbolises your parent’s  work. It may be sheets of paper or other stationery products for office workers, colourful graphs for analysts, receipts for cashiers or specific crops for farmers. Arrange them to form your message, or use them in a different creative way.


    Can you prepare a similar gift for papa when you are adult?

    Yes! What may seem childish when given by an adult to a peer, will be perceived as cute when given by own child. Even when this child is already independent, but would like to give a creative present e.g. to a parent who is going on retirement. Honour all these years of hard work that your parent had to endure to support their family. Even if they didn’t enjoy it and would gladly forget about it, a gift from their own child will only bring back good memories.


    Can you show our appreciation of your partner’s work in a similar way?

    Yes! While a teenager may think of something creative on their own, a smaller child may need some help from the other parent. Helping your kids with their gift for papa (or mama) may be your chance to show gratitude to your partner without running the risk of being ridiculed.

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    If you have already prepared a similar gift for papa, please share it! And if you need inspiration, ask for ideas in the comments below! I would be more than happy to help you with brainstorming.

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