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    How to make a Valentine’s Day Gift for a Boyfriend or a Male Friend?

    Do you want your boyfriend to remember your gift his whole life long? Are you looking for something romantic that he couldn’t possibly get from any other girl? Or maybe you are considering giving a Valentine’s Day gift to a male friend even if you’re not officially together? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place.

    In my previous post I suggested 21 ideas for creative gifts for spouses . I do hope that on 14th February, they will remind each other of their feelings. Valentine’s Day is, however, the day of all the people who are ENAMOURED, which is most typical of the first stages of relationship. It is these couples who are most interested in giving each other gifts and making surprises.

    How to come up with a creative Valentine’s Day gift for a boyfriend?

    creative gift for a boyfriend in an envelope

    Since you probably don’t know each other’s love languages yet, and you don’t know what would make him most happy, think of what you feel good at and what you enjoy doing. That is how I assigned the posts on this blog to categories. If you have a talent for music (you play an instrument, sing or dance), go to Musical Gifts. If you enjoy inventing stories or composing rhymes, you should like my ideas in the Creative Writing category. And if you are good at photography or doing things on the computer, you should definitely browse through Photo Gifts and IT Gifts.

    Next, consider what you know about your heart-throb: what his hobby is, what he is interested in, how he spends his free time or what he would like to do in the future. Write down all the positive associations that come to your mind.

    Alternatively, if you have already spent some time together, you may write down associations related to you as a couple: your holiday trips, dating venues, exciting experiences, memorable events, etc.

    Finally, link what you feel good at (the form) with one or two positive associations (the content). I assure you that there are no bad or impossible combinations. That is how I have once come up with a music video for a football fan, a fairy tale about a singing panda and a cake in the shape of half a football. I am looking forward to hearing about your ideas!

    perfect gift recipe

    How to make a Valentine’s Day gift for a male friend if you are not a couple?

    14th February is coming soon, and you still haven’t heard ‘I love you’? Will a Valentine’s Day gift be appropriate at all? No one can tell better than you. If you still want to prepare a romantic gift for a boyfriend, try one of my 25 ideas for creative Valentine’s Day gifts. Yet if you don’t want to show him explicitly that you are in love, but you would like to imply it or just tell him that he is important to you, you only need to modify these ideas a little. This way you will be able to use them safely as gifts for a male friend, especially if you predict that he won’t receive a Valentine’s Day gift from anyone else and you won’t be in competition with his current girlfriend. Here are some examples:

    1.Personalised crossword

    a crossword puzzle as a creative gift for a boyfriend

    If it is to be your Valentine’s Day gift for a boyfriend, the words should relate to your shared experiences and nice memories. Some of the clues may be also linked to you if you are sure that your boyfriend will know the answer. The solution may read: ‘I love you’, ‘Always yours’ or something equally romantic.

    Now, if you prepare a crossword for a male friend who shouldn’t interpret it as a pick-up, all words should relate to his interests (you can hardly imagine how much he will appreciate it if you ask about the name of his favourite sports player), to him or to your shared environment (school form, scout association or company department). What about the solution? It can be a question: ‘Did you like it?’. Each man should also be pleased about a praise, e.g. ‘Well done!’, ‘You’ve cracked it!’

    Note! Don’t tell him that you prepared the crossword on your own. Just say that you have found it somewhere and thought he would like it because of its theme. You will do even better if you tell him that you need his help because he is much more familiar with its topic. If the clues and words have been considered well enough, the guy will definitely notice that his gift is truly unique.

    2.Kind words

    kind words as a creative gift for a boyfriend

    If you have already been a couple for a while, you will have no problem with writing down dozens of reasons why you love him. Roll your list up and tie it with a ribbon in order to make your Valentine’s Day gift for a boyfriend more elegant.

    When you want to do something similar for a male friend, write what you like him for or why he is cool. This is another way to boost his ego. You would be surprised how much even the toughest guys need it. It is highly probable that you will be the only girl who will do it this way. Your reasons may be not only very thorough and serious, but also trivial and humorous. Include both the things that are important to him (related to his interests and ambitions), and those that you appreciate in him most and that he may not notice. Perhaps he will start to cultivate them.

    3.Photo comic/short story/poem

    photo comic as a creative gift for a boyfriend

    In the case of couples the sky’s the limit. You have probably taken tons of pictures of the two of you, which you can use to prepare a photo comic for your boyfriend. You should also have plenty of ideas for short stories, and be in the mood to compose love poems.

    Now, if you feel good at creative writing, and you want to prepare a gift for a male friend, focus just on him. You will most likely find his photos on Facebook. Your photo comic or short story may be set in alternative reality where your friend is a music or sports star. As regards poetry, instead of a love poem, write a funny rhyme about his traits of character or achievements. The aim is not to sing the praises of him, but to let him know in a humorous way that someone has noticed them.

    4.Photo jigsaw puzzles

    jigsaw puzzles as a creative gift for a boyfriend

    Find the most beautiful picture of the two of you and paste it on a romantic background. Next, print your work, write your wishes on the back and cut it into 9-12 pieces. That’s how you can make a unique Valentine’s Day card for your boyfriend.

    When you prepare a gift for your male friend, make jigsaw puzzles from a photo that features only him. You may e.g. paste his face on a picture of Messi or Ronaldo or ‘delegate’ him to a safari.

    I hope I have managed to inspire you, and you already know how to prepare a creative Valentine’s Day gift for a boyfriend, as well as how to modify it to suit a male friend. Please, let me know in the comments below if you have used one of my ideas!

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    My advice:

    – Be careful when you photoshop pictures. While a girl would be happy about her portrait being framed by stars and hearts and a little touch up, a guy may not like such a sugary style. Moreover, if he is a scrag, he may interpret placing his face on top of Sylvester Stallone’s body as mockery. The situation would be different if he frequented a gym and believed he could develop similar muscles in the future. As you can see, it all depends on the individual case.

    – If you still don’t know how to combine your talent and skills with positive associations, contact me, and I will be more than happy to help you. You may leave your question in a comment below, on my fan page, use the contact form or write me at joanna@mypresents.eu.

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