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    Heart-felt Sandwiches for a Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

    Have you ever forgotten about the Valentine’s Day? I know how to fix this. I coped with my slip-up last year by serving my husband a Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed.

    Every year there are so many occasions to celebrate that it is quite easy to forget about one of them and fail to prepare a gift or buy a greeting card well in advance. Young parents, employees changing jobs, travellers coming back from a long journey or people in other extraordinary circumstances are more than likely to miss an anniversary, a birthday of a loved one or a Valentine’s Day. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t give up on it entirely.

    Even if you remind yourself of this important date on the VERY DAY in the morning, you will still have enough time to prepare a last minute creative gift in the form of a Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed.


    What ingredients do you need for a Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed?

    My suggestion for a breakfast is both simple and spectacular: heart-felt sandwiches. You will find all the ingredients in your fridge. All you need is two products in contrasting colours to make your loved one smile.

    ingredients for a Valentine's Day breakfast in bed

    Here are my sandwiches:

    my sandwiches for the Valentine's breakfast in bed

    1) tomato on egg spread, 2) plum jam on cottage cheese, 3) cured ham on mayonnaise, 4) salami on lettuce, 5) ketchup on cheese, 6) tomato on cheese, 7) cured ham on pesto, 8) cheese on ketchup

    Sweet Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed?

    The table above shows products typical of the Polish cuisine. Nevertheless, you may serve a sweet breakfast, too. Combine cottage cheese with jam or Nutella with a banana.

    And if you still haven’t had too much sugar on the Valentine’s Day, make a cake with something romantic written or drawn on it [you will find a recipe for a simple cheesecake here – its preparation takes 55 min, decorations included!]

    personalised cake

    or give your loved one personalised Merci chocolates.

    2016.07.04 1b Merci DIY express gratitude prezent dla rodziców


    Have you found any other products in your kitchen that could be used to make a Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed? I admit that I might have missed some perfect ingredients to prepare heart-felt sandwiches. Please, let me know in the comments below!

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    My advice:

    – Use square-shaped or round slices of bread, which make a better background than triangle-shaped half-toasts.

    – It is much easier to cut out shapes from slices (of cheese, ham or tomato) than to draw them (with ketchup, jam, etc.).

    – If you want to make the background from cottage cheese, mix it with milk, so that it is more plastic and crumbles less.

    – You may prepare as many sandwiches as many years you are together, e.g. three for each of you for your third anniversary, eight altogether for the eighth anniversary, etc. If you have been together longer, make a bigger number of smaller sandwiches (e.g. from a French loaf) and invite your relatives to celebrate with you!

    – Your sandwiches will be even more impressive if it is the other person that usually prepares breakfast. Once a year set your alarm clock to an earlier hour and surprise the love of your life with a heart-felt Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed!

    – Sandwiches with different shapes on them (e.g. initials) may also be used as a birthday gift for children – especially for those of them who will only try something new if it looks appealing enough.

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