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    Stag Night Gift – Indoor Skydiving

    Lot we Flyspot jako kreatywny prezent na wieczór kawalerski

    When I started writing this blog, my male friends asked me about ideas for a stag night. Unfortunately, although I had plenty of ideas for hen nights, stag nights were a totally different story. It was only after my last birthday gift that I finally knew what I can recommend – indoor skydiving – a perfect stag night gift.

    Men crave excitement. While girls watch photos, tell fortunes or play charades at hen parties, men prefer go-karting, shooting or parachuting. And I don’t mean to say that I consider one way of spending an evening better than the other, but it was hard for me to recommend something creative that would be of interest to men. At least until recently.

    What is indoor skydiving?

    Indoor skydiving is dreams about free flying coming true in a wind tunnel. After a few minutes of instruction, the future groom puts on a special suit, helmet and goggles and floats in the air for several dozen unforgettable seconds. Held in the air by a constant gust of air, he hovers up and down like on a roller-coaster, accompanied by a professional instructor and watched by cheering friends assembled around the tube.

    Two weeks ago I experienced it myself. My friends claimed I looked like Superman. When I saw the photos, I thought they looked more like scenes from “Mission Impossible“… only without the rope!

    For one and a half minute, I didn’t touch the floor (or rather the safety net) even once with my leg, hand or any other body part.

    I hovered in the air, rose, fell, whirled, and finally flew seven meters high to drop – perfectly safe – at a speed comparable to a parachute jump.

    In other words: I recommend it not only to men.

    How can indoor diving be a creative gift for a stag night?

    As I already mentioned in the post on presenting theatre tickets, even ordinary gifts may become creative. That’s how my friends did it:

    In order to receive my surprise gift, I had to solve a puzzle. It consisted of three parts: a photo of me, a fan and a transparent cylinder. My task was to put them in the correct order. Although it seems that my choices were limited, it wasn’t an easy task. Finally, I decided that my friends wanted to wish me to get a second wind so that I always climbed to the top, so I placed the fan on the bottom, followed by the tunnel and my photo. The order was correct, but for a totally different reason since it was supposed to portray indoor skydiving in a wind tunnel. JMy friends decided, however, that I completed the task and I could receive my gift.

    How else can you make indoor skydiving a creative gift?

    • Take a cape and persuade all participants to dress as superheroes. The groom won’t be able to wear the cape in the wind tunnel, but you can take funny photos before and after the flight and edit the photos from the inside in Photoshop.
    • After the flight, download the official videos, pick some rousing songs and combine them with photos and other recordings into an awesome music video from a legendary stag night Such a movie video will be a keepsake for years.

    Do you have any other ideas? Share them in the comments below!

    My advice:

    Book the flight a month in advance. In the weekend wind tunnels are even more busy than usual.

    – If it’s a surprise, advise the groom to take sportswear. He will enter the tunnel wearing his own shoes (trainers or sneakers), a comfortable T-shirt and trousers under the suit. The wind tunnel is rather warm.

    – Long hair should rather be plaited. I only tied mine in a loose bun that showed from beneath the helmet, and combing the knots out of my hair afterwards took ages.

    – Indoor skydiving is not cheap, especially if you consider the amount of time spent in the wind tunnel. Nevertheless, I think that an occasion like the eighteenth birthday, a round birthday or a stag night is worth chipping in for such an extravagant gift.

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