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    My Hen Party: Perfect Wife’s Qualifying Exam

    Let’s have a look at presents prepared for hen nights. I am lucky to have participated only in tasteful parties with many inspiring creative ideas. I shall begin recounting them with the description of my hen party.

    My maid of honour knew that I am not a fan of humour related to the wedding night itself; therefore, my hen party was free of cakes shaped as cacti or condoms pulled on bananas. I was also not interested in any form of striptease or spending the night at a disco. Instead of that, my friends, all wearing Hawaii flowers, organised at my hen party a perfect wife’s qualifying exam.

    Spoiler alert! If you are getting married soon, don’t read further,
    but share the link to this post with the organiser of your hen night, instead.
    Otherwise you won’t have a surprise!

    Practical tasks

    My hen party started at 9:00 p.m. My first task was to prove that I can take care of my husband and tie his tie. I had never done it before, so I didn’t have a clue how to proceed. As you can imagine, my attempts were quite amusing to watch. Finally, one of the girls showed me how to do it, which enabled me to complete the task successfully.

    The next test consisted in drinking as much alcohol as needed to keep up with my future husband. Although I am not a big fan of vodka, this time I gave in and drank three glasses, hoping each time that the next one would be filled with water instead.

    After that I had to prove that I was an expert cook and recognise various utensils, blindfolded, explaining what they were used for. I think I might have impressed some of the participants with my knowledge, even though it wasn’t easy to think and talk clearly after drinking so much alcohol.

    The last practical task required… changing a baby! One of the girls brought an infant-sized doll and a diaper. Once again we had a lot of fun because the diaper kept falling off the baby. Fortunately, I could count on my friends, who showed me how to do it properly and helped me complete this task.

    Theoretical tasks

    Yet the most interesting task was left until the very end of my hen party: the girls tested my knowledge of the groom. My maid of honour had prepared this popular hen night game very professionally. She had invited my fiancé to her apartment and asked him a series of funny, embarrassing, and sometimes really tough questions in front of a camcorder. During the party, she played the recording, freezing it before the answer was given. The screen showed her question and four answers to choose from. If my answer was wrong, I had to drink alcohol again (luckily, this time just a drink), and if it was correct, I chose the person that had to drink instead of me.

    Due to the fact that I guessed the answers to most questions and completed all of the previous tasks, I was presented with a diploma certifying that I was qualified to become a perfect wife. The diploma was accompanied by an invitation to a spa and a postcard with best wishes from all of my friends who chipped in for my present.

    Why am I writing about my hen party?

    Although my stay at the spa involved such treats as a chocolate massage, I derived much more pleasure from the perfectly organised evening, which must have taken my maid of honour weeks to prepare and was the best present she could have ever given me. While I have no extraordinary memories of the visit to spa, I will definitely recount my hen party not only to my children, but also to grandchildren!

    In the next post I am going to describe another entertaining hen night in which I participated. I am curious what were your hen parties like? Perhaps you can add more ideas for the perfect wife’s qualifying exam, which will inspire other party organisers? Write your comments below.

    My advice:

    – As I have already stated, I am not really fond of drinking too much alcohol. Therefore, I suggest replacing pure vodka with a drink of a sort or serving water from time to time instead. Otherwise the future bride may not be able to complete the course. The punishments and rewards in the test may also be different, if needed, as I am going to prove in a post dedicated to a hen night that I organised for my friend.

    – The participants of my hen party were all unmarried. Hence, none of them knew from experience how to change a baby. Especially for me, however, they learned how to do it from You Tube. You may do the same with the tie or any other tasks that you come up with.

    – The recording testing my knowledge of the groom was made with the use of a digital camera and Windows Movie Maker (which enabled displaying questions and answers).

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