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    How to come up with original theme wishes?

    Do you wring your hands over a greetings card not knowing what to write? Or maybe it’s not a problem to you, but you would sometimes like to add something extra? Below you will find some ideas for original theme wishes that should inspire you to write your own.

    Original rhymed wishes

    My husband has a real talent for rhyming. And I don’t mean doggerel rhymes, but real poetry with the use of stylistic figures. It is not one of my strengths, which is probably why I appreciate his rhymed wishes for various occasions. In my opinion, they are a great replacement for the universal rhymes printed on greeting cards.

    Original group wishes

    This is by far my favourite type of wishes. The guests or friends agree on a common theme or form of wishes, but do not consult their content. This ensures spontaneity, and the chance to express oneself within the established framework.


    • Record wishes in your favourite spot in the city.
    • Offer your wishes in a foreign language.
    • Say/write what you like about the birthday boy/girl most.
    • Draw a card/a cube and compose wishes related to the picture.

    All of these ideas have actually been implemented. The first one was the idea of a friend who wanted to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday. Although most guests didn’t know one another, when the video was put together, it became a coherent and heart-warming movie. The second wishes were inspired by my husband on my 30th birthday. The third idea was mine. You can read more about it here.

    The last of them came to life on a trip. Since we didn’t have time to buy a gift for a new colleague, a friend came up with the idea to record original theme wishes for him. We based them on Story Cubes. Each cube has a drawing on it that is supposed to inspire story-telling. We used them to inspire our wishes for a colleague who had played the game with us. During the recording, we squatted down behind a hedge and popped out from behind it holding a cube to say our wishes. Dixit cards can be used similarly.

    Original individual theme wishes

    If you don’t have a group of people to participate in the wishes, invent them on your own, inspired by something related to the birthday boy/girl or something you have in common. These could include:

    a game:

    (see above)


    (e.g. wishes inspired by different places or means of transport):

    • love as romantic as Paris,
    • as much money as in all Swiss banks together,
    • more reasons to smile than there are lakes in Canada,
    • as many sunny days as in Barcelona,
    • time at work rushing like an express train, and free time passing lazily like on Costa Brava,
    • as many friends as there are people in China,


    (related to various tastes, fruit, vegetables or dishes)

    • life as long as spaghetti,
    • love as sweet as honey,
    • smile like a banana,
    • never wanting for bread on a workday and caviare on holiday,
    • friends as close as grapes in a bunch,


    • breaking the record of happiness,
    • marathon runner’s endurance,
    • decisions as accurate as Messi’s shots,
    • wages like Cristiano Ronaldo,
    • finding your doubles partner for a lifetime,
    • nothing but won sparrings,
    • love as delightful as dancing on ice,
    • family life as harmonious as synchronous swimming,
    •  …


    • nothing but happy notes in your soul,
    • a wedding march in near future,
    • love as sensuous as bachata/ as romantic as waltz,
    • life in the rhythm of samba,
    • enough health and energy to dance for several nights in a row,
    • success worth trumpeting with pride,

    As you can see, wishes don’t need to be boring. I’m really curious if you can add something to my ideas. You may also write down original wishes on an entirely different topic! I really encourage you to share your original wishes in the comments below with others, who will be grateful for your inspiration.

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