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    DIY Paper Corner Bookmarks in 4 Easy Steps

    narożne zakładki do książek DIY origami corner bookmarks

    I have recently discovered extremely practical, easy to make origami corner bookmarks, which may be personalised. I immediately made a dozen of them, and I already know who to give them to!

    I was looking for a creative gift for a 9-year-old niece. Although she has just started her adventure with books, she is already turning into an avid reader. That is why I instantly thought about bookmarks.

    I browsed the Internet for inspiration, and found a real treasure: funny origami bookmarks that can be made in less than two minutes! It took me no time to decide that my initial plans to print and laminate a rectangular paper bookmark looked bleak in comparison with colourful triangular monsters consuming book corners, lions edging pages with their shaggy manes and penguins waddling on white sheets of paper.

    4 reasons why I decided to replace all of my bookmarks

    1. DIY corner bookmarks don’t fall out

    Since I mostly read in public transport, my books are usually in a vertical position, and I have to hold the current page and the bookmark with the same hand (for I need the other hand to tightly grip something that will prevent me from falling down 😉 . Therefore, my bookmarks often fall out of the books either when they are still in my bag, or when they are already out (in which case they usually land on the muddy bus floor). Needless to say, I deeply appreciate the fact that origami corner bookmarks have a good grip on pages without damaging them, like paper-clip or magnet bookmarks.

    DIY Paper Corner Bookmarks don't fall out from books!

    1. Origami corner bookmarks are surprisingly durable

    I made my first DIY corner bookmark from a multicolour jotter block. If I used its sheets to make a simple, rectangular bookmark, I would have to laminate it so that it lasted until I finished reading my book. Owing to special folding, the parts of origami corner bookmarks that are most prone to damage are properly reinforced, which increases their lifespan significantly. And even if they eventually tear, it is so easy and quick to make them, that I can replace them effortlessly.

    1. Origami corner bookmarks may be personalised at will

    Most of my current bookmarks feature characters from the ‘Harry Potter’ series. When I was buying them years ago, it didn’t occur to me that I would probably never use two or more of them at once, and I find it rather awkward to use them for other books. I like it when useful objects are also pretty, and I usually try to pick bookmarks that suit a given book. Yet I don’t buy a new bookmark for each new book I’m reading, especially that the prettiest ones from designer stores may cost even half of the price of the book. Now, I can easily create a beautiful bookmark that will match my current reading material myself!

    1. DIY corner bookmarks may carry an inscription

    When someone asks for a book as a gift, I usually try to make this gift creative. On my blog, I have already presented some of my ideas for gift supplements that make presents more personal. I am positive that the origami corner bookmark will be my favourite of them to accompany book gifts. Instead of an inscription written on the inside of the book cover, which is a nice gesture, but makes it impossible to donate a book to the library, give it to the poor and may even make it awkward to lend it, a short message may be written on a designated part of the corner bookmark.

    I have already made more than a dozen DIY corner bookmarks. Now, it’s your turn!

    Good to know: An origami paper crane is considered one of the easiest origami models. And you know what? Corner bookmarks are way simpler!

    Origami corner bookmarks in 4 easy steps

    How to make a DIY paper corner bookmark - step 11. Take one corner of your square piece of paper and bring it up to the top to make a triangle.

    How to make a DIY paper corner bookmark - step 22. Take both side corners of the triangle and bring them one by one to the top; then open them again (you needed to do it to obtain a square in the middle of your triangle).

    How to make a DIY paper corner bookmark - step 33. Fold the top of the triangle down (just the top layer).

    How to make a DIY paper corner bookmark - step 44. Once again take both side corners of the triangle, fold them up as in step 2 and tuck them in.

    Voilà! Your DIY corner bookmark is ready! You may now personalise it!

    DIY corner bookmarks for children

    You may adorn your origami corner bookmarks with sharp teeth, eyes, mouth, lion’s mane, horns, wings or tail. You will find some ideas for colourful corner bookmarks accompanied with tutorials on Red Ted Art.

    DIY Paper Corner Bookmark for children: monster, penguin, owl, duck, lion, lamb

    DIY corner bookmarks for adults

    I made my corner bookmarks from images I found and printed from the Internet. If they were not square, I folded them diagonally along the shorter edge and cut what was left (thus obtaining a folded triangle -> see point 1 of the instructions).

    DIY Paper Corner Bookmarks for adults

    Yet when you make a corner bookmark as a gift, you need to have some free space to write a personal message on the back; so don’t use ready images. You may write your text by hand or use a template I prepared for you. Those of you who aren’t proud of their handwriting may design their texts on the computer, and then fold their bookmark from the printed page with a ready message.

    For all of you who are not familiar with any graphic editors, I prepared a template in MS Word.  Simply type your text in the smaller square I outlined, e.g. with the Word Art tool. The template can be resized at will.

    Download Word template

    I have also prepared a template in png. Place it over any pattern you like, type your text in the square and remove the template once you’re ready to print your design so that the auxiliary lines are no longer visible.

    Download png template

    My advice:

    – If you don’t know what to write on your personalised corner bookmark, write a quote from the book or the book’s title.

    Origami corner bookmarks with ears, a mane or wings are good for children who read primarily at home and put their books neatly away on their bedside table. Yet if the book is to be carried in a bag or put away on a shelf with its spine to the front, it is better to gift a corner bookmark without any parts sticking out.

    – As I already said, I made my first few DIY corner bookmarks from a multicolour memo notepad.  Such notepads are rather tiny, which make them a perfect material for bookmarks intended for small books with thin sheets. Yet if you need more space to write your text; you make a bookmark for children books or albums, which usually have bigger and thicker pages, you may very well use bigger pieces of paper. Remember that the eventual size of the front triangle will be equal to 1/4 of the surface of the triangle obtained after the original square sheet is folded, and the eventual size of the back surface – 1/4 of the original square piece of paper used to create your corner bookmark! 

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