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    12 safe creative gifts from a distance – what to give in the time of the coronavirus disease

    How can you give a present without physical contact and with at least several metre distance? What to give during an epidemic, a quarantine or at other times when you can’t deliver your gift in person?

    Coronavirus has detained us at homes. Schools and universities have been closed, and those who have such an option work from home. Most events had to be cancelled. Yet life goes on, and your loved ones still celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.

    Maintaining social distance doesn’t mean you have to be limited to best wishes! There are numerous safe creative gifts that you may prepare and deliver without close contact with the recipient.

    If the only problem was long distance and the fact that you are unable to deliver your gift personally, you could easily buy something online with home delivery. Yet if you don’t want to risk that an infected person touches your gift while taking it from a magazine, packing or transporting, try a safe creative gift instead.

    In the time of the coronavirus disease, you may choose between:

    all of which can be sent per e-mail or shared in a cloud. Feel free to browse through these categories. Below, you will find the best ideas for safe creative gifts that don’t require leaving home!

    Photo gifts in the time of the coronavirus disease

    Photo comic

    Make your loved one the protagonist of a photo comic! Find out which program to choose and how to make the best of it.

    Photo wishes

    Instead of wishing all the best on the phone, illustrate your wishes with your photos. There is a convenient program you may use for it!

    Slide show

    You may also express your gratitude or best wishes with photos combined in a slide show. All you need is Windows Movie Maker.

    Video gifts in the time of the coronavirus disease

    A video gift composed of several narrations

    Invite your relatives or friends to say something nice about the recipient in front of their camera and send you the recording.

    A video clip recorded by various people

    Encourage your friends to perform a simple dance routine or record something funny to the music of your choice. Put the recordings together and send the recipient.

    Best wishes recorded by various people

    Collect best wishes recorded by different people and put them together. You may do it on the occasion of baptism or wedding anniversary, not only in the time of the coronavirus disease.


    Musical gifts

    Compose and record a song

    If you can compose, modify lyrics and/or sing, compose a song with lyrics adapted to suit the occasion or dedicated to the recipient and send these lyrics or perform and record the song.

    Creative writing gifts in the time of the coronavirus disease


    How about a story? You are staying at home; you have plenty of time to read, yet you can’t borrow books from a library or buy them in a book store. This is a perfect time to switch to e-books. If you don’t feel like writing a story about the recipient on your own, I will be more than happy to assist you! Contact me at joanna@mypresents.eu .

    List of reasons why someone is special

    Write down all the reasons why you like or love someone. Then think of some more to make your list truly impressive. I guarantee the recipient will be awed!

    Personal dictionary

    Think of all the words and expressions that are typical of you and your loved one. Write them down in order to remember them in the future, and create a unique dictionary.

    Other IT gifts in the time of the coronavirus disease

    Personal crossword

    Create a crossword with answers related to the recipient. Find out which program to choose and how to make the best of it.

    Heart-shaped word cloud

    Compose a heart with words that you associate with the recipient and send your design via e-mail. The recipient will then be able to print it and hang it on the wall and will think of you each time he or she looks at it.

    I hope I managed to convince you that enforced quarantine is not the end of the world, and you may still bring a smile on someone’s face on their special day. If you have other ideas to add to the list, please share them in the comments below.

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